H-Tower – An Exeptional Property in a Unique City

In the heart of Ukraine’s capital… The Virgin Orans (Oranta as they say in Ukraine), an icon and guardian of Kiev, whose arms outstretched in prayer protect the capital and the entire country. Rows of fanciful old buildings are making room for spacious plazas and modern highways. The rustling poplars whisper their age-old secrets and adorn one of the longest tree-lined avenues in Europe. This is exactly where the H-Tower is located, majestic and imposing like an unassailable castle. Distinctive in design and execution, this property gracefully combines a world-class five star hotel with exquisite and refined residential apartments.

The complex’s deluxe design – a 25-floor central tower and two wings (16 floors each) – was conceived especially for Kiev, as this city’s unique architecture provided a source of inspiration for the property’s developers. Kiev is a place where a modern urban landscape lives (quite harmoniously) amid the charm of its historic streets, museums and cathedrals. Just one brief look at the city, and Mikhail Bulgakov, the controversial Soviet playwright, immediately comes to mind. “A city so beautiful, so happy...” – that’s how he lovingly put it. This vast yet intimate city has generously showered its inhabitants with rare warmth and comfort and lavished its guests with care and hospitality. Its incomparable monuments delight the eye and harmonize with endless parks; the city seems to have been founded with only one aim in mind: to inspire. Its fame and glory have exceeded its bounds, and it is rightfully deemed one of the greenest cities in the world.

Kiev is often compared with the leading capitals of Europe. Similar to Rome, eternal and sacred, Kiev strikes a smart balance between century-old architectural masterpieces and natural landscapes. Like Hemingway’s Paris, “a holiday that is always with you”, Kiev captivates with its inexhaustible energy, enthusiasm, hustle and bustle, and creative flair. Kiev is vibrant, constantly growing and changing, reflecting the constant influx of new people who enrich this century-old city with their vigor, dynamics, zest for life, beauty and harmony. In seeking to preserve Kiev’s authenticity as one of the most fascinating places in Europe, young avant-garde artists have made their mark on the cityscape with works that transcend historical legacies and modern trends alike.