A Place Where Dreams Come True

Each of its 92 magnificent apartments range from 100 to 400 sq/meters. Leading interior decorators and designers would be called in to cater to the tastes and needs of the apartment owners.

In the course of construction, an apartment’s layout may be still remodeled to meet the individual preferences of prospective buyers. Once the construction process is over, custom remodeling may be performed, subject to an additional charge.

The H-Tower Complex is equipped with its own boiler, water purification system, and central air conditioning system. The apartment owners are afforded sun protection and a reliable barrier from street noise and temperature fluctuation, based on the latest generation of triple-glazed windows. Owners will also appreciate the convenience of of auxiliary water and power supply, in combination with modern “smart home” systems.

High-speed panoramic elevators produced by KONE (Finland) will take the passengers to their desired floor in a flash. Those dwelling in penthouses will be offered special electronic chips with an access code to their respective apartments.

Public areas of the apartments are equipped with terraces opening up onto magnificent views of Kiev. High-quality materials contribute to the lobby’s elegance. Its exclusive furniture and sophisticated equipment lend it an air of refinement and pure luxury.