Enjoy a Truly Privileged Life

A wide range of services rendered by receptionists is another distinctive feature of the H-Tower. In addition to concierges and messengers (bellboys), the receptionist service is aimed at providing personal care and comfort for each and every apartment resident.

H-Tower receptionist services are listed in detail below:

  • reception in the lobby in the lobby, registration services providing guests with information as required
  • monitoring of video surveillance cameras, access control
  • key and code card management
  • postage services, including registered mail with return receipt
  • messenger (bellboy) services, e.g.: mail handling, bell service, inspection rounds
  • booking tickets (plane, entertainment events, etc.)
  • restaurant reservations

Along with the above range of services, receptionists may assist in arranging for paid services or provide such services directly, including:

  • office services (faxing, photocopying, scanning, written translation, etc.)
  • organization of travel, trips, entertainment events (catering, personnel, equipment)
  • dry cleaning, laundry, pressing, alterations
  • running errands (including grocery shopping)
  • delivery (flowers, beverages)
  • babysitting, pet sitting
  • services rendered by qualified workmen
  • looking after apartment (all household chores as required, including taking care of house plants)
  • car rental and general driving services (booking limos, taxis, etc)
  • personal butler services, guide, interpreter services
  • spa and beauty treatment at the apartment
  • sports: golf, tennis, horseback riding
  • assisting in providing services offered by the “Kiev Hilton” to its customers